Dealing with Multiple Service Providers: A Necessary Evil

Leveraging today’s emerging technologies for operating efficiency and growth is likely one of your top priorities, but figuring out how to integrate and manage multiple service providers and partners may not be.

The fact is, effective service integration is the linchpin in your digital business transformation and the key to long-term business success. Even more than deciding on the enabling technology, making the pieces work together for maximum business value should be your top priority.

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Dinesh Goel

About Dinesh Goel

A management consultant with over 22 years of experience across consulting and sourcing industry encompassing sourcing advisor, senior executive with a leading service provider and a global consulting firm. He is a well published and recognized thought leader in the global sourcing industry. In his current role of Partner & India Head with ISG, he heads the India business and operations for ISG. He can be contacted at or +91 98458 93787.

One Response to Dealing with Multiple Service Providers: A Necessary Evil

  1. Siddique Shaikh November 3, 2016 at 11:12 pm #

    Thanks Dinesh for lucidly putting down the reality of today’s fast changing world!!

    Integrating and working with multiple service providers – each one of them trying to bring their best in their areas of expertise – remains a challenge and the most important and critical factor in the overall success of technology lead initiative.

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