Building the Basis for Smart IT Decision-Making

In a recent article, Blazent CEO Charlie Piper noted the majority of IT executives are not confident in their data-quality management practices. This means critical business decisions are being made every day without a complete and accurate picture of the IT estate.…

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To Cloud or Not to Cloud is No Longer the Question

Despite the fact that many CFOs have been late to the table in the cloud revolution, cloud computing is having a major impact on the jobs of enterprise finance leaders. As the concerns about security, data location and control are allayed with one success story after another, the question is no longer “to cloud or not to cloud” but “how and what to cloud.”

Four misconceptions have traditionally framed CFOs’ thinking about cloud-based solutions, but over time each one has less and less power.…

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Is the IT Services Industry at a Crossroads?

The latest ISG Index shows that enterprise buyers of IT services have grown very fond of the on-demand model cloud computing offers. In fact, the As-a-Service market now makes up more than one-third of the global sourcing market, nearly double the share it had just two years ago.…

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What is the Future of Digital? Ask the Cognitive Virtual Agent

Millennials expect everything to be at their fingertips—their social relationships, their retail relationships, even their banking and insurance relationships. To meet this demand for anytime, anywhere access, companies are racing to figure out how to quickly adapt to these new customer engagement models.…

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How to Have a Healthy Conversation between the CIO and the CFO

The CIO walks into the CFO’s office. He’s steeled himself for this meeting, believing the CFO has only one word in her vocabulary when it comes to technology spending. Rumblings cross his mind.

Why does she always say no to investing in technology?

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Are You Ready for the Sourcing Olympics?

Co-authored by Mike Edwards

Much of the media spotlight these days is shining on the Olympic games in Rio—the events, the competition, the individual quest for gold. Are the athletes ready? Did they train well? Who has the best strategy for winning?…

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How Enterprise Performance Management Supports Operational Excellence

Today’s businesses are subject to increasingly competitive cost pressures, global operating complexities and, in many cases, ever-more stringent compliance requirements. The C-suite has its work cut out for it. At this level, decisions must be carefully weighed and risks mitigated.…

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The Digital Revolution Depends on Aligning IT and Business Strategies

Top_5_smCo-authored by Roshan Ramachandran

Digital technology is increasingly woven throughout business operations and is more and more intrinsically linked to corporate strategy and the way companies achieve their goals. IT organizations today have the dual responsibility of driving transformation in back-office efficiency and contributing to front-line business growth.…

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The Future of BPO Services: Embrace Automation or Perish

Business processes are notoriously difficult to manage in an outsourced environment. Outsourcing these live, pervasive services—which are critical to customers, suppliers and business operations—has faced more resistance and change management issues than has IT sourcing. It’s no wonder, then, that Business Process Outsourcing, or BPO, has lagged behind its much larger sourcing cousin.…

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How Going Digital Can Streamline the Multi-Provider Ecosystem

The days are long gone when Fortune 3000 companies worked for two years to develop their sourcing strategies, design their service models and prepare for transactions with their strategic providers. In today’s market, enterprises must move more quickly and nimbly.…

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