Don’t Assume Benefits Providers are the Same

As the benefits administration market has matured, the major players have collectively adopted and standardized a wide range of innovations and best practices.   For example, responsive web design – once an important  differentiator – is now fairly generic.  In this environment, service providers find it increasingly challenging to stand out from the competition.  Many buyers, meanwhile, focus on pricing as the key selection criteria, and assume that one provider’s overall offering will be pretty much identical to another’s.…

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How to Manage Network Complexity

Top_5Until now, telecommunications services have been largely viewed as a commodity service, but today’s telecom and network environments are far more complex. Traditional voice and data operations have evolved rapidly into intricate networks that must deliver ubiquitous connectivity, support mobility integration, enable internal and external collaboration and multiple forms of conferencing, all while ensuring data security and integrity.…

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John Keppel

Smaller Deals Drive a Record Quarter for the Industry

Activity in the global outsourcing industry for the previous three months reached its highest level ever in a second quarter, producing record contract values for the period and contributing to the one of the strongest first halves ever. ISG data shows that growth was broad-based across regions, domains and industry sectors.…

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Prepare for a Successful HR SaaS Transformation

Top_5You’ve done the hard work: selected your new software as a service (SaaS) platform, signed the contract and even begun the configuration work. You’re ready to enter the brave new world of fully integrated data, intuitive self-service and automatic functionality updates, but that voice in your head keeps asking, “What am I missing?”

Though HR SaaS systems have many benefits, buyers need to be aware that successful human resource (HR) delivery requires more than plugging in the latest human capital management (HCM) platform.

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Securing Value for Money in Public Sector Outsourced Contracts

Government organizations, like their private-sector counterparts, need to actively manage their outsourcing arrangements, or risk falling short of the targeted benefits they expect from these agreements. Based on ISG’s experience evaluating IT and business process third-party agreements, we know that organizations can assure appropriate value for money throughout the life of the contract by incorporating benchmarking, contract review and pro-active Service Integration and Management (SIAM) best practices in their outsourced contract governance processes.…

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How the Hospitality C-Suite Leverages Big Data and Analytics

Top_5Big data and analytics are a natural fit for the highly competitive hospitality industry, where success is defined by delivering a positive guest experience. By collecting information about how individual guests and groups make choices on where to stay, what guests like and don’t like, and why they return (or don’t), analytics can help hoteliers be more effective across the board – from defining their acquisition strategy to tailoring offers for individual guests.…

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Will Healthcare Reform Create Jobs?

Healthcare payers are scrambling to adapt their business operations to the dramatic changes resulting from the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Claims processing presents a particular challenge: because existing automated claims processing systems can’t keep up with the rapidly changing environment, many payers are looking to scale back their commitment to technology and instead increase staffing and investments in personnel.…

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Managing a Large Project Implementation

Top_5Google the question “what percentage of IT projects fail?” and you’ll see results from various studies that range from 50 to 68 percent. While we can argue about the survey criteria and methodologies used, let’s agree that the failure rate is relatively high. High enough, at least, that you should be concerned if you’re the healthcare COO in charge of complying with ICD-10 mandates, or a utility CIO implementing Enterprise Work and Asset Management, or a bank CIO who needs to align finance systems with the latest Know Your Customer guidelines.…

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Data Center Outsourcing and the Coming Cloud Tsunami

The data center outsourcing (DCO) industry now faces direct competition from the public cloud giants – Amazon, Rackspace and Google. While not everything can go to the cloud, whatever can go to the public cloud will go to the public cloud. The tide clearly favors public cloud providers, who can provide price points and efficiencies traditional players cannot.…

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Stanton Jones

Disruptor Discussion: Jason Williamson on Amazon’s Plan to Own the Enterprise [Part II]

Last week we posted Part I of our interview with Jason Williamson, Global Leader, Management Consulting for Amazon Web Services (AWS). Jason shared with us AWS’s traction in the enterprise, as well as how AWS fits into the sourcing and partner ecosystem.

Here is Part II of our discussion:

Talk to us about AWS’ view on price and margins.

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