ISG and NPI: Navigating Cost and Service Complexities of Cloud Migration

One of the biggest challenges impacting an enterprise’s ability to move to a hybrid or public cloud environment is getting a handle on the costs. ClOs need to know: What does it cost me today and what will it cost me tomorrow? This baseline can be very difficult to create — it involves comparing on-premises investments to cloud-based counterparts, not at all a straightforward exercise.…

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John Keppel

ISG Index Shows Lagging First Quarter, Quickening Price War

What goes up must come down. After a near-record 2014, it’s no surprise to us that the global outsourcing market got off to a slow start in the first three months of 2015, according to data from the ISG Outsourcing Index™ released yesterday. The fourth quarter of 2014 was one of the best ever, a period in which several large deals were signed, and comparisons with last year’s vigorous first quarter were difficult, to say the least.…

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Transforming IT to Serve the Business

Top_5The goal of IT has long ceased to be a matter of smooth and trouble-free provision of technology. Now, the goal is to serve the enterprise as an enabler of operational efficiency and as a catalyst for growth.

In their quest for higher revenues and profits, all other parts of the business are also focused on those twin goals.…

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Dinish Goel

Pricing Models Make the Difference in Business Process Management

As the outsourcing industry evolves, enterprises continue to raise the bar on what they expect from their services providers. While cost arbitrage and access to talent remain important, the maturity of the business process outsourcing industry and the availability of improved artificial intelligence mean enterprises want higher operational efficiency and more direct impact on business outcomes.

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Stanton Jones

Are APIs the new ITIL?

As-a-service providers speak to customers in the language of APIs, while outsourcing providers speak ITIL. This language barrier creates hurdles for enterprise buyers that are eager to break out of the traditional outsourcing tower model. What’s a buyer to do?

Think about the last time you were in a foreign country and didn’t speak the native language.…

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Measuring the Elusive End-User Experience

Technology in the workplace seems to change almost daily, leaving most of us scrambling to adopt the latest tool in hopes of supercharging our productivity. For an organization that invests its time and resources—or its outsourcing dollars—to keeping up with continuing advances in employee-facing technologies, knowing how the users are faring in their day-to-day interaction with the technology is critical to managing IT service delivery and optimizing spend.…

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The Future of IT Starts with Transparency, Standardization and Automation

Imagine you are the IT leader for, say, a large bank that has grown both organically and through acquisitions over the last ten years. Having started as a mid-size regional bank, your employer now provides wealth management, investment bank services, insurance and a host of other offerings. In your position, you deal with many disparate systems and demanding internal clients that need faster response times, more agility, more of everything, and all of it—of course—at a reduced cost.

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Paul Reynolds

Outsourcing Service Providers Bulk Up their Advisor Relations Teams

Outsourcing service providers have always depended on third-party advisors as an important part of their channel strategy. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a number of changes in how service providers approach their advisor relations function. To test our observations and find out more about what is driving these changes, ISG conducted a research study of advisor relations leaders.…

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The Incredible Shrinking Incumbent’s Advantage

Top_5Just five years ago, incumbent outsourcing service providers retained their contract at the point of renewal more than 80 percent of the time. A provider had to be a complete disaster before clients would consider tossing them out. Today, not even 50 percent of incumbent providers retain the business, according the most recent ISG Outsourcing Index.…

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Using TBM to Uncover the ‘So What?’ of IT Data Analytics

It is not difficult to become overwhelmed by the numerous types of IT financial and operational analyses an organization can perform. To help avoid unnecessary and costly analytical exercises, companies need to focus on the “So what?” of their data metrics initiatives, both before and after they perform them.

An enterprise that integrates data analysis all along the way to IT transformation can build a framework for automating analytics, data and processes to better manage IT cost, quality and usage.

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