Connectivity is the New Currency

It’s hard to sum up all that digital business means in the market today, but if we could put one word to it, it would be connectivity. Note: it’s not the number of connections made, it’s the quality and dynamism of these connections that will make or break the enterprises of the future.…

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Leveraging Automation and Cognitive Computing to Achieve Specific Business Objectives

The use of computers to automate human tasks and simulate the human thought process—the field now widely called cognitive computing—is attracting the attention and investment of some of the most well-known names in technology.

More and more often, we are seeing automation and cognitive computing solutions that use statistical modeling, machine learning, natural language processing and other sophisticated capabilities to accomplish complex and learned operations.…

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Will New Technologies Put Us Out of Work? A Peek into the Future

It’s a question we’ve wrestled with many times before. And it is worth considering again in light of many recent advancements in automation and cognitive computing. While technology will certainly eclipse many jobs, I say it will ultimately help us do higher-order work, and create new opportunities for those who are prepared to adjust to the coming changes.…

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Cleaning Up the HR House before Moving In New Technology

Co-authored by Patti Boggi-Gibbons

More and more enterprises know that upgrading their Human Resource (HR) technology is a smart way to get ahead in today’s competitive market, but it isn’t as simple as plugging in a new system and pressing the big red “that was easy” button.…

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Named a Top Advisor by IAOP, ISG Earns Kudos for Innovation

ISG has a long history of helping our clients make smart sourcing decisions, but it is our commitment to continuous innovation that helps them stay ahead of today’s rapid business and technological changes—and stay ahead of their competition. Today, we are pleased to announce that ISG has once again been named to the IAOP 2016 World’s Best Outsourcing Advisors list, with highest recognition for size and growth, customer references and awards and certifications and special recognition for programs for innovation.…

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Ferguson Enterprises Builds a Case for Better Human Capital Management

This blog was co-authored by Mark Bray, Principal Consultant.

ISG-SmartalksThe pace of change is accelerating. With a shifting workforce, mergers and acquisitions at all-time highs, and continued growth into new geographies, today’s businesses require agility and speed. For HR leaders, trying to stay ahead of organizational change with outdated and poorly integrated systems is like trying to ride your bicycle to the moon—you can work up a sweat, but you aren’t going to get there.…

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Is Your Customer Care and Billing System a Drag on Your Utility Company’s Evolution?

We all know it. We are living in an age of increasing consumer expectations. Whether we are buying shoes, books or electricity, we want the same customer experience we are used to getting from our favorite retailers: convenient, intuitive and mobile.…

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Cloud Delivers on Outsourcing’s Promise—but Results May Vary

The promise of outsourcing has always been that a company could leverage experts and assets outside its own walls to provide specialized and continuously updated capabilities at a lower price than it could provide itself. The benefits from that leverage, however, often proved elusive.…

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Getting Your Hands Dirty: Why It’s Important to Assess User Experience in the Sandbox

There is no question. Improved user experience is driving HR technology selection. In ISG’s Industry Trends in HR Technology and Service Delivery Survey, 90 percent of organizations rated “ease of use” as a must have. In fact, “ease of use” came before what have traditionally been seen as more important factors, including “configurability,” “depth of functionality,” and “modern look/feel,” as well as “mobile and social features” and “predictive analytics.”

So how does one go about evaluating user experience?…

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This is Not Your Father’s Outsourcing Deal

Top_5_smFirst-generation outsourcing deals, the former behemoths of the industry, are going the way of the dinosaurs. Today, very few enterprises are sourcing their entire IT environment to a single service provider. Instead, most enterprises have adopted a multi-sourcing model in which they seek best-of-breed providers to support specific components of their IT organization.…

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