Characteristics to Look for in Selecting a Retained Organization

Top_5In outsourcing, we often focus entirely on the incoming service provider team and the transitioned employees without thinking through the skill sets required for the retained staff assigned to work with and manage the relationship with the service provider. Even the best service provider in the world can be derailed by a poorly performing client-retained organization.…

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ISG Harnesses the Potential of Technology Business Management

For an event only in its second year, the recent Technology Business Management (TBM) Conference in Miami was eagerly anticipated by a Who’s Who of the C-Suite. Almost half of the more than 700 attendees were CFOs, CIOs or Senior Finance VPs from major, blue-chip companies who came for the express purpose of discussing the potential of TBM, an emerging discipline for managing the business of IT and extracting maximum value from IT investments.…

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High Expectations for FutureSource Summit and for Mexico

The FutureSource Summit in Mexico City starts today and will feature an engaging series of discussions on Mexico’s current capabilities and future direction as a global information technology (IT) hub. Buy-side and provider-side groups will both be in attendance, but this summit will also offer opportunities for U.S. and Mexican IT and business leaders to talk face-to-face about their common challenges.

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Is Cloud Pricing Really Usage-Based? That Depends on How Close You Look

Everyone knows that cloud services have usage-based, or what we consultants are now calling “consumption-based,” pricing, right? Questioning that is a bit like asking if the emperor really has any clothes, but that’s okay because that’s something that needs to be done now and then. Let’s start off with the easy one – the idea that cloud pricing is “consumption-based.” When you “consume” something, you basically eat it.…

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Another Human Resource Consultancy Places Its Bet on Workday

When the human resource consulting giant Mercer announced its planned acquisition of Jeitosa earlier this week, it joined two other HR consulting powerhouses, Aon Hewitt and Towers Watson, in offering Workday deployment services as part of its broader HR technology and transformation offerings. Buck Consulting, and its parent, Xerox, remain “platform agnostic” and are not currently planning to add human capital management (HCM) deployment services to their direct mix but will continue to leverage system integration partners.

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Practicing Relevance: The CIO as Business Partner

Top_5In the past, a CIO was expected to be a technical expert who reactively provided services to business customers. In today’s world, CIOs are required to deliver business value by leveraging technology as an enabler.

Here are the ISG Top 5 suggestions for helping CIOs shift their role from order-taker to business partner.…

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Lessons from HR Tech 2014: How to Engage HR with Data Analytics

This year’s Human Resource (HR) Technology conference was jam-packed with more than 300 exhibitors and 60 breakout sessions. Almost every general session focused on data: collecting data through social media, integrating data across the enterprise, data-driven decision-making, big data, data analytics, predictive data analytics, and on and on. For HR professionals, these are exciting and daunting developments.…

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John Keppel

Weak 3Q Won’t Stop 2014 from Being One of the Best Ever for Global Outsourcing Industry

Don’t let the third quarter fool you. The temporary dip in outsourcing action over the last three months won’t derail what we see as one of the strongest years on record for the industry.

Data from the ISG Outsourcing Index confirmed our forecast: the above-normal production in the first half of the year wasn’t sustained in the third quarter.…

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Takeaways from the HP Breakup

Top_5HP announced last week that it will split into two publicly traded companies by November 2015: Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and HP Inc.

According to the HP press release, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise will be “defining the next generation of technology infrastructure, software and services for the New Style of IT.” This company will be the HP Enterprise Services division, which acquired Electronic Data Systems in 2008, plus its server, storage and software business and, most importantly, its cloud infrastructure services.…

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Designing a Succession Plan for IT Outsourcing


Before deciding to outsource their information technology (IT) services, companies often work to achieve their key technology goals – including developing a strong IT strategy and architecture, forming sound IT business relationships and optimizing functions – by nurturing their own talent. They groom their technology leadership through professional development and advancing their IT professionals to increasingly senior positions across the IT landscape to broaden and deepen their IT-domain expertise.…

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