A Compelling Combination: ISG Acquires Alsbridge to Create New Industry Powerhouse


Today, I am pleased to announce that ISG has acquired Alsbridge, creating a new industry powerhouse in technology research, advisory and digital transformation services.

The “new” ISG redefines the IT and business advisory space for the digital age. It combines more than 1,300 experienced advisory and research professionals, along with our proprietary databases and advanced market intelligence to help our buy-side clients—commercial enterprises and government organizations—digitally transform their operations for greater efficiency and faster growth.…

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Are On-Premises Network Services Evaporating into the Cloud?

Co-authored by Jim Newman

Top_5_smMany organizations today have neither the interest nor the ability to leverage sophisticated network design and management techniques to arrive at the required business solutions. This is why the network (or WAN) as-a-service model has received such a hearty welcome.…

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Is It Time for the Public Sector to Move to ERP in the Cloud?

State and local governments that have long used enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are taking a new look at today’s software market. They are setting out on a new search for value—finding a system they can be certain will help them stay current and control costs even in an uncertain future.…

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The Risk of Standing Still: Why Finance Needs the Cloud to Move Ahead

Technology has served as a catalyst for new business opportunities in many industries, but even in the most tech-savvy companies, the Finance organization often lags behind the rest of the enterprise when it comes to speed of adoption. As a result, Finance often finds itself struggling to keep up, as the gap widens between what it knows must be done and its determination to do it.…

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Creating an Agile Procurement Organization with Data and Analytics

In many ways, changing how business is done is already a fait accompli. Leading innovators have leveraged emerging technologies to dramatically change their business models and how they interact with their customers. Digital transformation is well advanced, and the same disruptive technologies that are driving this change are shifting the role and mission of the Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) as well.…

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The Key to Successful Sourcing is Not Service Provider Size but Collaboration

We can no longer assume that today’s IT sourcing transactions are awarded primarily to tier-one providers as they so often have been in the past. The provider playing field has broadened dramatically over the past few years, and enterprises are increasingly committed to finding a solution that best fits their needs, even if it comes from a smaller, nimbler niche provider with whom they’ve never worked.…

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Technology Business Management: A Layman’s Approach

IT and Finance leaders who are adopting or practicing the discipline of Technology Business Management (TBM) to manage their IT investments should be thinking first and foremost in terms of the TBM Taxonomy*. The primary goal of the TBM Taxonomy—in its simplest form—is to align IT financial data with IT operational data to achieve cost transparency into IT spending.…

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Banking and Fintech: What is the Right Fit?

Top_5_smAs banks embrace digital transformation, they are being forced to wholly reconstruct their products and services. The emergence of finance technology, otherwise known as fintech, and the proliferation of alternative financial services models are disrupting the way the banking, payments and insurance sectors have traditionally done business.…

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How to Design Service Levels for Cloud Services

Co-authored by Jerry Lawson

Sourcing experts are well versed in how to establish service levels and the associated service level credits within a managed services contract. At least they used to be.

Recently, cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings have come to market and radically changed the way companies purchase services.…

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Dealing with Multiple Service Providers: A Necessary Evil

Leveraging today’s emerging technologies for operating efficiency and growth is likely one of your top priorities, but figuring out how to integrate and manage multiple service providers and partners may not be.

The fact is, effective service integration is the linchpin in your digital business transformation and the key to long-term business success.…

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