The Dawn and Dusk of IT Service Providers

The rules of the road for information technology (IT) outsourcing are changing under our feet. As more and more enterprises  migrate solutions to the cloud, automate processes and digitize information, IT’s function is shifting from the back office to the front office. Service providers that offer easily integrated and flexible platforms will be the ones that stay in the race.

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Navigating the Healthcare Exchange Market? The Complexity Can Pay Off

As we head into the fourth year of private healthcare exchanges—a marketplace from which employers can purchase health insurance, contribute a defined cash amount and then allow their employees to choose a health plan that best suits them—let’s pause to take stock of what we’ve learned so far.

More employers are considering—and switching—to private healthcare exchanges every year.…

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Pressure in IT Outsourcing Market Squeezes Providers

Top_5Just a few years ago, no one would have believed that Amazon could compete with established IT service providers in the infrastructure sector. Or that Rackspace and Microsoft would grab some of IBM’s market share for processer capacity, memory and network services. The proliferation of commodity-like cloud and software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions is triggering massive price drops in the infrastructure sector and forcing traditional IT service providers to develop new business models to better address the changing needs of their customers.…

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Moving Beyond the Offshore vs. Reshore Debate: Three Reasons to Throw Out the Old Sourcing Map

Emerging technologies and cloud services are thoroughly redefining IT service provision. Only those enterprises that can take advantage of these evolving capabilities—not only to support the business but to build the business—will be able to meet today’s rapidly increasing expectations for innovation and growth. 

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Stanton Jones

Cloud’s ROI Is More than a Numbers Game

This article was co-authored by Scott Feuless, Principal Consultant.

Making the case for cloud migration involves some tricky calculus. But the effort is worth it. Enterprises that go to the trouble of figuring the return on investment on their cloud plans can get a real handle on what those plans will actually mean to the business.

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CSC Splits in Two for Sharper Focus. Is this its End Game?

CSC, a leading global information technology service provider, announced this week it will divide the company into two publicly traded entities: one to serve global commercial and government clients and one to serve public sector clients in the U.S. Is this move the culmination of a three-year transformation journey in a bid to turn around CSC’s fortunes?…

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How an Unconventional Sourcing Model Can Lower the Risks of New Service Delivery

Strategic sourcing can take many forms – from offshoring and captive centers to nearshoring, insourcing, and even hybrid models – depending on the particular needs of an organization.  In some circumstances, however, none of these models apply – especially in situations in which political considerations trump economic ones.

Whether restricted by a Board of Directors in the private sector, or limited by political barriers in a governmental or regulated-industry setting, some organizations need a creative alternative to today’s most common sourcing models.…

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Surprise: More Cloud Benefits are Emerging

When a company begins moving parts of its on-premise infrastructure to the cloud, it knows it will gain some obvious, straightforward and predictable benefits. What is less easy to anticipate and quantify is the kind of snowball effect that happens as that company migrates more and more of its application portfolio to the cloud.

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Insurance Companies Take a Calculated Risk on Technology

Insurance companies face a constantly evolving environment. Uncertain economic conditions, new and heightened risks and increasingly strict regulations can make for choppy seas. Today, many are searching for ways to win loyalty of fickle consumers, overcome tight profit margins and comply with regulatory requirements around security, privacy, third-party and operating risk.…

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How IT Can Survive Digital Transformation

When an enterprise goes digital, the role of the traditional information technology (IT) organization fundamentally changes. Some say that, as enterprises buy solutions that bundle services, software, and infrastructure, they will put IT out of business. I argue the opposite. By connecting the digital solutions to each other—and to the enterprise’s core—to maximize their potential, IT has the chance to become even more valuable to the enterprise than ever before.

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