The Incredible Shrinking Incumbent’s Advantage

Top_5Just five years ago, incumbent outsourcing service providers retained their contract at the point of renewal more than 80 percent of the time. A provider had to be a complete disaster before clients would consider tossing them out. Today, not even 50 percent of incumbent providers retain the business, according the most recent ISG Outsourcing Index.…

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Using TBM to Uncover the ‘So What?’ of IT Data Analytics

It is not difficult to become overwhelmed by the numerous types of IT financial and operational analyses an organization can perform. To help avoid unnecessary and costly analytical exercises, companies need to focus on the “So what?” of their data metrics initiatives, both before and after they perform them.

An enterprise that integrates data analysis all along the way to IT transformation can build a framework for automating analytics, data and processes to better manage IT cost, quality and usage.

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The Benefits of Predictive Customer Analytics

For a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), understanding customer behavior is imperative for smart decision making. The kinds of analytics CMOs have been using — those that describe what has already happened — are nearly obsolete by the time the CMO sees them. Can IT offer something better? Try predictive customer analytics.

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Debunking the Myths of Governance

At the IAOP Outsourcing World Summit last month, I was reminded of how many different ways those of us in the sourcing world define governance, often by defining what it is not. With so many different opinions, it can be difficult to discern myth from reality. To fully realize the benefits of governance, it’s important to separate fact from fiction.…

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Vendor Management Officers Need More Visibility, Control, and Voice

Top_5In many IT organizations, the Vendor Management Officer (VMO) is fairly low on the food chain, responsible for procuring IT outsourcing in a traditional procurement role. He or she negotiates the price, buys the service, enforces the letter of the contract, and reorients the provider if it doesn’t deliver. When you consider the fragmented nature of IT procurement today, the potential for vendor management to turn into complete mayhem is obvious.…

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Globalization and the Economics of Energy Spur Growth in Engineering Services

Daniel Yergin, energy and economic scholar, wrote in his book, The Quest, “Globalization of demand may be shaping tomorrow’s needs. But it is accompanied by the globalization of innovation.”

How will Yergin’s prediction play out? Which aspects of innovation will be globalized?  And who will leverage the innovation of engineering talent in tomorrow’s growth markets?…

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Stanton Jones

Welcome to the Country Club Cloud

Membership-based clouds are exploding across the IT services sector. Traditionally asset-light providers are quickly building proprietary, multitenant clouds for their clientele, hoping to capture the next generation of ITIL-based managed services. But is it too late to catch up to the explosive growth of the public cloud?

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Transforming Business in the Cloud

More and more enterprises and governments are taking a “cloud-first” approach to their business applications, beginning to fully embrace the cloud as a means to improve flexibility and reduce costs. According to multiple industry reports, enterprises are expected to move more than 40 percent of their applications to a cloud delivery model in the next five years.…

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Paul Reynolds

Global Outsourcing Data Shows a World of Opportunity

Our geographic analysis of global outsourcing activity in 2014 could be titled “Rising Globally, Driven Locally.” On a global level, outsourcing engagements and spending were on the rise in most major markets.  Locally, we identified a variety of business conditions and sourcing catalysts that drove activity in the dozens of countries we studied.…

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Implementing Microsoft Office 365? Get Some Help

Top_5Cloud services offer cost savings, scalability and the functionality to simplify operations. If they have not already moved their new offerings and strategic product investments to the cloud, many technology providers are rapidly heading in that direction.

The implementation of software-plus-service subscriptions, like Microsoft Office 365, can be complex. Systems integrators that provide managed services can help migrate and maintain cloud-based services, making the process much smoother.…

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