A Customer-Centric Experience: the New F&A Imperative

When you think of today’s Finance and Accounting (F&A) organizations, a great customer experience is not typically the first thing that springs to mind. Hampered by outdated technology, inefficient processes and a lack of resources to drive innovation, F&A organizations are often viewed by other parts of the business as being exceedingly and unnecessarily difficult to work with.…

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Striding into the Digital Era with Enterprise Performance Management

The era of digital transformation is creating, among other things, a major paradigm shift in how we approach technology and finance. Yesterday’s way of thinking held that technology was the final component of an equation in which people were at the center, driving processes and change.…

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The End of Geography – and Other Intelligent Automation Predictions for 2017

Few would argue that 2016 has been a banner year of growth and maturation for the intelligent automation marketplace. Intelligent tools that a year ago were still being dismissed by some as hype are becoming fixtures in global enterprises.…

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The Times are (Rapidly) Changing

Back in 2012, when discussing an early-days RPA implementation I was leading at O2  in a side track of an annual BPM Automation event, I encountered a lot of raised eyebrows followed by mutterings of screen scrape and “this will never take off” grumblings.…

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Big Fish, Little Fish—What Does HR Tech Consolidation Mean for Workday Clients?

Aggressor, Omnipoint, Jeitosa, Kloud, Meteorix, CPSG, DayNine, Appirio. One-by-one these boutique Workday implementers have been picked off and swallowed up by the big fish: Deloitte, Aon, Mercer, IBM, Accenture and Wipro, the first India-heritage company to acquire its way back into the ecosystem.…

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Why Your Service Levels May Have Lost their Oomph

Of all the factors to consider when executing a sourcing contract with a service provider, conventional wisdom has it that service-level agreements (SLAs) may be one of the most important elements. SLAs do the hard work of aligning expectations between the enterprise client and the service provider.…

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Don’t Overlook the Risk Posed by Robots

Since bursting on the scene, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools have developed a well-earned reputation for ease of implementation; they are configured by subject matter experts and don’t require complex programming skills, they reside on local servers and they typically don’t require a great deal of IT support.…

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A Compelling Combination: ISG Acquires Alsbridge to Create New Industry Powerhouse


Today, I am pleased to announce that ISG has acquired Alsbridge, creating a new industry powerhouse in technology research, advisory and digital transformation services.

The “new” ISG redefines the IT and business advisory space for the digital age. It combines more than 1,300 experienced advisory and research professionals, along with our proprietary databases and advanced market intelligence to help our buy-side clients—commercial enterprises and government organizations—digitally transform their operations for greater efficiency and faster growth.…

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Are Network Services Evaporating into the Cloud?

Co-authored by Jim Newman

Top_5_smMany organizations today have neither the interest nor the ability to leverage sophisticated network design and management techniques to arrive at the required business solutions. This is why the network (or WAN) as-a-service model has received such a hearty welcome.…

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Is It Time for the Public Sector to Move to ERP in the Cloud?

State and local governments that have long used enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are taking a new look at today’s software market. They are setting out on a new search for value—finding a system they can be certain will help them stay current and control costs even in an uncertain future.…

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