Don’t Let Your HR Software-as-a-Service Distract You from Running the Business

Top_5_smSoftware-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions are top of mind for human resources (HR) leaders these days. New technology from Workday, SAP’s SuccessFactors and Oracle HCM – Human Capital Management Cloud continue to take market share from traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms. However, in their race to get up and running, many organizations do not adequately prepare for how life will change after go-live.…

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TBM and Cloud: Validating the Data Downpour


Enterprises have more data now than ever before. And the volume continues to increase exponentially, fueled by growing digital business capabilities and the Internet of Things. Naturally, this leads to concerns about data quality. Enterprises need to know who owns the data.…

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Engineering Services in the Age of the Industrial Internet

This blog was co-authored by Sampath Kumar, Partner.

While the development of hardware has always been a risky and treacherous process, a number of current marketplace factors are making it less so. Open source development models, the democratization of engineering and manufacturing, and new levels of innovation in service delivery and contracting have made the development of hardware more agile, adaptive, iterative and customer-focused.…

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Beyond Technology: Technology Business Management in a Complex Cloud Environment

A critical component of managing IT spend with Technology Business Management (TBM) is Apptio’s world-class TBM technology, but the potential for transformation doesn’t depend on technology alone. The practice of TBM helps enterprises draw clear lines from their technology investments to their business impacts—an exercise that is especially valuable in an increasingly complex cloud environment.…

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10 Tips For Embracing Shadow IT As Opportunity

Like the move from mainframes to personal computing three decades ago, the current lure of cloud-based solutions for individual business units within an enterprise can have a splintering effect on the resources and operations of IT. But if today’s CIOs think of “shadow IT” as a catalyst for change instead of as unruly behavior that needs to be policed, they may be able to use it to their advantage and further cement their roles as key players in the growth and success of their firms.…

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Top 5

Demystifying Innovation

This blog was co-authored by Rachel Gill, Senior Consultant

The subject of innovation can elicit two very different responses: a visible cringe from some (particularly service providers) and a starry-eyed look from others (most often buy-side enterprise clients). Though innovation is often defined simply as the introduction of something new or different, the discipline of making innovation happen tends to be shrouded in mystery.…

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Measuring the (Sometimes Hard-to-Measure) Business End of IT

For large enterprises, the impact of Information Technology (IT) reaches far and wide, but it can be difficult to measure its ripple effect, especially when it comes to return on investment. That’s where Technology Business Management (TBM) can help. TBM provides the insights that enable C-suite executives to measure and manage the business of IT.…

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Engineering Analytics for a Sustainable World, Profitable Companies and Enhanced User Experience

This blog was co-authored by Akash Jauhari, Team Leader ESO

Manufacturing enterprises that leverage the Internet of Things to capture and analyze data across the shop floor have insight into areas of the business they have never had before. With the right information at the right time, they can increase uptime of manufacturing equipment, optimize supply chain, reduce waste and save energy.…

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The TBM Triathlon: Never Look Down at Your Feet

By day, I help enterprises implement Technology Business Management (TBM) as a solution for managing their IT spend. By night—or rather by early morning—I train for triathlons. Over time, I’ve come to realize the similarities between the two.

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Stanton Jones

We’re Entering the Platform Period

The history of the sourcing industry is not long (35 years), but it is varied, already marked by three distinct periods in which the approach to sourcing changed radically. I argue we’ve now entered a fourth era —the Platform Period – dominated by shared, platform-based automated services that promises to evolve rapidly – and usher in the next wave of technology-enabled services.…

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