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Striding into the Digital Era with Enterprise Performance Management

The era of digital transformation is creating, among other things, a major paradigm shift in how we approach technology and finance. Yesterday’s way of thinking held that technology was the final component of an equation in which people were at the center, driving processes and change.…

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Closing the Loop with Enterprise Performance Management

As data and analytics become more commonplace, Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) are being asked questions that go far beyond financial performance and get to the organizational drivers beneath those traditional metrics. Their analyses are expected to be timely enough and of high enough quality that they can be used to direct the course for growth within the organization.…

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How Enterprise Performance Management Supports Operational Excellence

Today’s businesses are subject to increasingly competitive cost pressures, global operating complexities and, in many cases, ever-more stringent compliance requirements. The C-suite has its work cut out for it. At this level, decisions must be carefully weighed and risks mitigated.…

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