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Striding into the Digital Era with Enterprise Performance Management

The era of digital transformation is creating, among other things, a major paradigm shift in how we approach technology and finance. Yesterday’s way of thinking held that technology was the final component of an equation in which people were at the center, driving processes and change.…

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A Compelling Combination: ISG Acquires Alsbridge to Create New Industry Powerhouse


Today, I am pleased to announce that ISG has acquired Alsbridge, creating a new industry powerhouse in technology research, advisory and digital transformation services.

The “new” ISG redefines the IT and business advisory space for the digital age. It combines more than 1,300 experienced advisory and research professionals, along with our proprietary databases and advanced market intelligence to help our buy-side clients—commercial enterprises and government organizations—digitally transform their operations for greater efficiency and faster growth.…

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How Digital is Changing Application Management Services

Top_5_smApplications are at the heart of digital transformation. The growth of cloud computing and the rapid adoption of As-a-Service solutions are changing the way enterprises deliver products and services to their customers. Because of the increased appeal of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offerings, especially in the service of core enterprise applications, money spent in shadow IT across industries is increasing more than 60 percent a year.…

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What is the Future of Digital? Ask the Cognitive Virtual Agent

Millennials expect everything to be at their fingertips—their social relationships, their retail relationships, even their banking and insurance relationships. To meet this demand for anytime, anywhere access, companies are racing to figure out how to quickly adapt to these new customer engagement models.…

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The Digital Revolution Depends on Aligning IT and Business Strategies

Top_5_smCo-authored by Roshan Ramachandran

Digital technology is increasingly woven throughout business operations and is more and more intrinsically linked to corporate strategy and the way companies achieve their goals. IT organizations today have the dual responsibility of driving transformation in back-office efficiency and contributing to front-line business growth.…

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How Going Digital Can Streamline the Multi-Provider Ecosystem

The days are long gone when Fortune 3000 companies worked for two years to develop their sourcing strategies, design their service models and prepare for transactions with their strategic providers. In today’s market, enterprises must move more quickly and nimbly.…

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Don’t Flail Fast—Fail Fast

Top_5_smThe digital world can be disorienting. In many ways, we are in uncharted waters and the profusion of questions can make the passage more difficult to navigate. Which technologies create the best opportunities to connect with customers and grow revenue?…

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Two Changes IT Organizations Need to Make to Move into the Future

IT organizations are under enormous pressure—caught between an aging workforce and increasingly tech-savvy business departments whose need for speed is accelerating. In many cases, IT is simply working to avoid being seen as a roadblock or a laggard. And the market has many voices for change.…

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IT Services Industry is Headed for Shakedown Street

The precipitous rise in the adoption of digital technologies has pushed the information technology (IT) services industry to yet another important inflection point. As automation increasingly makes its impact in the back offices of today’s enterprises and in the front pockets and front seats of daily life, the way we live and work is changing more rapidly than ever before.…

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Creating and Sustaining Positive Change in Your First Year as CIO

This blog was co-authored by Jesper Mikkelsen, Director.

Top_5_smAlong with all the “to-do’s” in any new CIO role comes the inbox deluge of “how-to’s” from well-meaning colleagues and revenue-hungry service providers. Often this advice comes in the form of recipes for success—like a cookbook.…

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