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Sourcing Industry Conference

ISG provides insight, strategy, transaction support and advisory services to enterprises across many industries. Our advisors and subject-matter experts are on the ground with sourcing buyers and prospects on a daily basis. We understand what it takes to win business and maintain relationships.

The Sourcing Industry Conference (SIC) is specifically designed for service and technology providers that wish to benefit from ISG's in-depth market research and industry insights. At this year's SIC, you'll hear firsthand about today's most pressing customer concerns and find out where the industry is headed.

Featuring a client keynote speaker, state of the market plenary session, more than a dozen breakout sessions, and 1:1 meetings to get answers to your pressing issues, the SIC is structured so you can create your own agenda. This unique event is designed to give you the information and market research data you need to increase market share and improve win rates.

Highlights of the SIC include:

  • Thought leadership and advice on the latest market trends

  • Industry analysis with a focus on market data and insights

  • Valuable one-on-one meetings with ISG advisors

  • Networking with peers and subject matter experts

Hear what attendees have to say:

ISG Sourcing Industry Conference Americas



  • Connect with more than 200 peers
  • Hear from more than 30 ISG partners and advisors
  • Learn about disruptive market trends
  • Separate what's important from what's not
  • Get valuable insights in face-to-face meetings

ISG Sourcing Industry Conference India


In 2017, ISG will host its one-of-a-kind Sourcing Industry Conference (SIC) in Bangalore, India to bring sourcing industry leaders to build a stronger industry.

The annual conference explores the latest in sourcing and offers an opportunity to meet and develop relationships with peers, industry leaders and ISG partners, directors and advisors. At this year’s SIC, we will discuss the latest challenges, explore market trends and share new ideas for sourcing success in the digital world.

Highlights of SIC India include:

  • Market and Industry trends within the digital space

  • Changes in deal dynamics within the digital space

  • Thought leadership and advice on the latest market trends

  • Industry analysis with a focus on market data and insights

  • Networking with peers and industry leaders

ISG Sourcing Industry Conference EMEA


This year's ISG's European Sourcing Industry Conference (SIC) will include a mix of plenary and breakout sessions to fully explore the new sourcing realities that are changing the fabric of our industry. Paricipants will also enjoy opportunities to meet and develop relationships with peers, client speakers, industry leaders and ISG partners, directors and advisors.


  • One-on-one meetings with members of ISG's leadership teams
  • Optional in-depth training on working collaboratively and engaging effectively with ISG and clients during the bid process