Cynthia Batty is ISG’s Chief Knowledge Officer, following a decade of consulting on outsourcing governance at ISG. She brings 25 years of practical experience to advise clients on their sourcing governance and service management design, as well as organizational change management and maturity development. She is a recognized expert in sourcing governance, vendor and contract management. She has helped more than 40 governance organizations with business management and service management processes in both single-provider and multi-provider environments.

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Al Denis brings considerable experience in information technology (IT) to ISG clients in his role as Director, Healthcare Practice Lead for ISG. In his career, Al has delivered technical, sourcing and business services to Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, Anthem, Kaiser Permanente, Sentara Health Systems, CareFirst, University of Pennsylvania Health System and Wellpoint. Al is among ISG’s most accomplished experts in the evaluation of complex global sourcing alternatives, including solution evaluation and supplier management.

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Julie FernandezWith more than 20 years’ experience in outsourcing, shared services, and the HR services industry, Julie Fernandez, Director, has led clients through some of ISG’s most complex global assessments and transactions. Julie recently developed the industry’s only Global Payroll Filtering Tool and Methodology. As the ISG Global Payroll process lead, she is responsible for all of the firm’s HR intellectual property and for staying current with the payroll market and service provider capabilities.

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Dinish GoelDinesh Goel A management consultant with over 19 years of experience across consulting and sourcing industry encompassing sourcing advisor, senior executive with a leading service provider and a global consulting firm. He is a well published and recognized voice of the sourcing industry. As a Partner with ISG, he currently leads the India business for the Firm and is a co-chair for IAOP Chapter in Bangalore.

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Steve Hall is a recognized expert in Application Development & Maintenance (ADM) offshore outsourcing and cloud computing.  Steve lead’s ISG’s Manufacturing, Communications, and Media & Entertainment (MCM) vertical as well as ISGs cloud computing practice. Steve also co-authored Managing Global Development Risk to help others understand the complexities of managing global software development projects.

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Jim HusseyJim Hussey is a recognized expert in the area of sourcing transitions to global delivery models. Co-author of Managing Global Development Risk, Jim has spent the past 10 years supporting clients and suppliers establish productive global capabilities by effectively managing all parties to achieve their common goal.

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Stanton JonesStanton Jones helps ISG clients rationalize and capitalize on emerging technology services within the context of the global outsourcing market. Stanton uses his unique background in both IT and outsourcing advisory services to bring a new and unique perspective to ISG clients. Prior to his analyst role, Stanton led corporate technology strategy and global IT operations as TPI’s Chief Information Officer. Stanton played a key role in leading the transition of TPI into a publicly-traded unit of ISG.

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John KeppelJohn Keppel is the voice of the TPI Index and an industry-wide observer and commentator. John leads the Research and Managed Services business within ISG in addition to his responsibilities as Chief Marketing Officer. With significant deal advisory experience, John is a specialist in the Insurance Industry in both the IT and BPO arenas.

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Paul ReynoldsPaul Reynolds is the global Momentum lead, a service that helps service providers better target, win, and retain business. Paul brings nearly 20 years of research experience to the ideation of new products, services, and methodologies that help his clients attain their goals.

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Amit-TripathiAmit Tripathi is a knowledgeable ITO BPO industry analyst who brings considerable insight on sourcing and market dynamics to ISG clients on both sides – outsourcing firms on the buy-side and service providers on the sell-side. Amit led the firm’s offshore Momentum Research practice for 1.5 years, during which he was responsible for the design, generation and delivery of Momentum Research products and services. Among the most accomplished analysts at ISG, he has undertaken and supported top IT service providers in their operational excellence pursuits involving account mining, growth and prioritization initiatives. Amit holds a Masters in Computer Management (MCM) and a Master of Arts (MA) in Sociology, both from Pune University, India.

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