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Striding into the Digital Era with Enterprise Performance Management

The era of digital transformation is creating, among other things, a major paradigm shift in how we approach technology and finance. Yesterday’s way of thinking held that technology was the final component of an equation in which people were at the center, driving processes and change.…

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Technology Business Management: A Layman’s Approach

IT and Finance leaders who are adopting or practicing the discipline of Technology Business Management (TBM) to manage their IT investments should be thinking first and foremost in terms of the TBM Taxonomy*. The primary goal of the TBM Taxonomy—in its simplest form—is to align IT financial data with IT operational data to achieve cost transparency into IT spending.…

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Closing the Loop with Enterprise Performance Management

As data and analytics become more commonplace, Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) are being asked questions that go far beyond financial performance and get to the organizational drivers beneath those traditional metrics. Their analyses are expected to be timely enough and of high enough quality that they can be used to direct the course for growth within the organization.…

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When Government Gets It Right: How Federal IT Leaders Can Deliver Greater Value

The stereotype of government agencies—inefficient buyers of overpriced services and obsolete technology—may not be as deserved as it once was. Even state Departments of Motor Vehicles, often held up as the poster child of government bureaucracy and inefficiency, have become streamlined with newer technology and easier-to-use, online services.…

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How to Have a Healthy Conversation between the CIO and the CFO

The CIO walks into the CFO’s office. He’s steeled himself for this meeting, believing the CFO has only one word in her vocabulary when it comes to technology spending. Rumblings cross his mind.

Why does she always say no to investing in technology?

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Integrating Big Data and Digital Initiatives across the Enterprise

Co-authored by Prashant Kelker

Achieving IT cost transparency within a Technology Business Management (TBM) framework undoubtedly creates reinvestment opportunities for funding IT innovation, but it can also support big data and digital initiatives across the enterprise. This way, an organization can avoid duplicating its data collection efforts and integrate IT data with non-IT and finance data.…

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How Data and Analytics Can Guide your Move to the Cloud

The question about cloud migration is not whether to do to it, it’s how to do it. Determining what to move to the cloud requires finding the most appropriate and efficient delivery model for each application. For many enterprises, this will result in a hybrid, multi-cloud approach in which applications and workloads are matched with the right service delivery model depending on how they are used.…

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Creating a Level Playing Field: IT Sourcing with Technology Business Management

How does an enterprise manage its sourcing arrangements to realize their full value? How do service providers gain a full understanding of contract expectations so they can bid accurately on RFPs? Enter Technology Business Management (TBM), a methodology that provides deeper cost insights for a more dynamic and automated sourcing process.…

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Drivers for TBM Success in 2016

Top_5_smTechnology Business Management (TBM) is a framework for IT business and financial management that continues to gain mindshare among CFOs, CIOs and IT leaders. Because it enables and supports fact-based decision-making, TBM helps drive down costs, improve services and align IT strategy to overall corporate strategy.…

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A CFO Convo about the Value of Aligning TBM with Performance Management

This is a tale of the three-lettered acronym.

It starts with, which was kind enough to ask me to join their recent webcast, The CFO Playbook on Performance Management: Realizing ROI with CPM Improvements. As the title suggests, acronyms played a big role.…

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