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Are Network Services Evaporating into the Cloud?

Co-authored by Jim Newman

Top_5_smMany organizations today have neither the interest nor the ability to leverage sophisticated network design and management techniques to arrive at the required business solutions. This is why the network (or WAN) as-a-service model has received such a hearty welcome.…

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Is It Time for the Public Sector to Move to ERP in the Cloud?

State and local governments that have long used enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are taking a new look at today’s software market. They are setting out on a new search for value—finding a system they can be certain will help them stay current and control costs even in an uncertain future.…

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How to Design Service Levels for Cloud Services

Co-authored by Jerry Lawson

Sourcing experts are well versed in how to establish service levels and the associated service level credits within a managed services contract. At least they used to be.

Recently, cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings have come to market and radically changed the way companies purchase services.…

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An Inside View of the Growing Market for HR/Finance SaaS Technologies

Human Resource and Finance leaders looking for new technology solutions are increasingly casting their eyes to the cloud. According to the most recent ISG HR Technology and Service Delivery Survey, more than half of all new HR tech purchases will be cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions.…

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Is the IT Services Industry at a Crossroads?

The latest ISG Index shows that enterprise buyers of IT services have grown very fond of the on-demand model cloud computing offers. In fact, the As-a-Service market now makes up more than one-third of the global sourcing market, nearly double the share it had just two years ago.…

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Building a Winning Business Case for HCM SaaS

One constant in today’s Human Resources (HR) organizations is change. Not only is the human component of HR constantly changing—there are always new hires and promotions, new skill requirements, new professional development goals and new reporting protocols—but the larger dynamics of the field are also constantly evolving.…

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Latest ISG Research Shows HR Organizations Are Heading to the Cloud

The promise of the cloud continues to win over the hearts and wallets of today’s human resource (HR) organizations. This was among the key findings of the ISG 2015 Industry Trends in Human Resources Technology and Service Delivery Survey, our second annual poll of what is on the minds of HR and IT leaders in companies around the world.…

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Don’t Let Your HR Software-as-a-Service Distract You from Running the Business

Top_5_smSoftware-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions are top of mind for human resources (HR) leaders these days. New technology from Workday, SAP’s SuccessFactors and Oracle HCM – Human Capital Management Cloud continue to take market share from traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms.…

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Mastering Complexity in Your As-a-Service Future

ISG-SmartalksToday’s IT services industry is a veritable bumper car arena crowded with new technology and cloud-based services. The rules have not been posted, and the way forward is difficult to imagine. CIOs, whose stewardship of these products and services has an increasingly profound effect on the business, find themselves in the disorienting position of wanting to take full advantage of the opportunities presented by automation, the cloud and analytics, but often don’t have a complete picture of which offerings and providers are the best choices for their organization, or how to operationalize those new delivery models within their own environment.…

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Stanton Jones

Does the Cloud Even Exist?

As an IT leader, how often have you heard “move it to the cloud” in response to mounting pressures to reduce operational costs and increase delivery speed?

Having grown up in an operational IT role, I’m willing to bet you’ve heard that said hundreds of times by now.…

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