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A Compelling Combination: ISG Acquires Alsbridge to Create New Industry Powerhouse


Today, I am pleased to announce that ISG has acquired Alsbridge, creating a new industry powerhouse in technology research, advisory and digital transformation services.

The “new” ISG redefines the IT and business advisory space for the digital age. It combines more than 1,300 experienced advisory and research professionals, along with our proprietary databases and advanced market intelligence to help our buy-side clients—commercial enterprises and government organizations—digitally transform their operations for greater efficiency and faster growth.…

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Cloud Takes Sourcing Market Sky High

In last quarter’s ISG Index™, we incorporated the as-a-service segment—including activity related to cloud-based software and infrastructure—into our analysis of the global sourcing market for the first time. It was clear then and it is clear now: adding these numbers to our quarterly industry report card offers a compelling view of where the market is headed.…

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Effective Vendor Oversight: A Fundamental Element of Drug Development

ISG-SmartalksOf all the potential drugs being developed today, it’s likely no more than five percent will make it to market. On top of this high failure rate, complex protocols and stringent regulatory requirements—while necessary to ensure safety and efficacy—have greatly increased the burden of process, documentation and data collection.…

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Global As-a-Service Market Is Critical Growth Area for Outsourcing Industry

Cloud computing has changed the way nearly every global enterprise operates. The pay-as-you-go model allows companies to reduce IT costs by outsourcing hardware and software maintenance and support to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers.

As a result, the global sourcing marketplace is quickly changing shape—expanding beyond traditional IT services providers to include providers that sell software and infrastructure on demand.…

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The Rise of Captive Centers: Is it the Death Knell for Outsourcing?

The decision to offshore—whether in captives centers or with outsourcing service providers—comes with a careful calculation of risks and rewards. Today’s emerging technologies are changing that calculation.

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Connectivity is the New Currency

It’s hard to sum up all that digital business means in the market today, but if we could put one word to it, it would be connectivity. Note: it’s not the number of connections made, it’s the quality and dynamism of these connections that will make or break the enterprises of the future.…

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Cloud Delivers on Outsourcing’s Promise—but Results May Vary

The promise of outsourcing has always been that a company could leverage experts and assets outside its own walls to provide specialized and continuously updated capabilities at a lower price than it could provide itself. The benefits from that leverage, however, often proved elusive.…

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This is Not Your Father’s Outsourcing Deal

Top_5_smFirst-generation outsourcing deals, the former behemoths of the industry, are going the way of the dinosaurs. Today, very few enterprises are sourcing their entire IT environment to a single service provider. Instead, most enterprises have adopted a multi-sourcing model in which they seek best-of-breed providers to support specific components of their IT organization.…

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The Outsourcing Industry Has a New Set of Usual (and Small) Suspects

More and more large enterprises are striking deals with smaller IT services providers. And among those enterprise buyers are some pretty happy customers. It ends up that good old-fashioned service and new ideas can go a long way in helping IT achieve business goals.…

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What is the State of the Industry? Here’s a Sneak Peek at our Findings for the Outsourcing World Summit 2016

For the second year running, ISG partnered with IAOP to conduct the annual State of the Industry Survey. The survey was sent to more than 100,000 buy-side clients, service providers and third-party advisors. The focus of the survey is to take the pulse of the outsourcing market and to track movement on recent trends like the adoption of social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) technologies.…

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