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Are Network Services Evaporating into the Cloud?

Co-authored by Jim Newman

Top_5_smMany organizations today have neither the interest nor the ability to leverage sophisticated network design and management techniques to arrive at the required business solutions. This is why the network (or WAN) as-a-service model has received such a hearty welcome.…

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Is It Time for the Public Sector to Move to ERP in the Cloud?

State and local governments that have long used enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions are taking a new look at today’s software market. They are setting out on a new search for value—finding a system they can be certain will help them stay current and control costs even in an uncertain future.…

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The Risk of Standing Still: Why Finance Needs the Cloud to Move Ahead

Technology has served as a catalyst for new business opportunities in many industries, but even in the most tech-savvy companies, the Finance organization often lags behind the rest of the enterprise when it comes to speed of adoption. As a result, Finance often finds itself struggling to keep up, as the gap widens between what it knows must be done and its determination to do it.…

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Cloud Takes Sourcing Market Sky High

In last quarter’s ISG Index™, we incorporated the as-a-service segment—including activity related to cloud-based software and infrastructure—into our analysis of the global sourcing market for the first time. It was clear then and it is clear now: adding these numbers to our quarterly industry report card offers a compelling view of where the market is headed.…

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To Cloud or Not to Cloud is No Longer the Question

Despite the fact that many CFOs have been late to the table in the cloud revolution, cloud computing is having a major impact on the jobs of enterprise finance leaders. As the concerns about security, data location and control are allayed with one success story after another, the question is no longer “to cloud or not to cloud” but “how and what to cloud.”

Four misconceptions have traditionally framed CFOs’ thinking about cloud-based solutions, but over time each one has less and less power.…

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Leveraging Analytics to Optimize the Value of the Talent Suite

Talent management is big business within HR. And more and more, unified talent solutions are seen as strategic to achieving long-term enterprise goals. Organizations working with disconnected or outdated systems find they are doing very little to engage their employees or solve real talent problems.…

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Cloud Delivers on Outsourcing’s Promise—but Results May Vary

The promise of outsourcing has always been that a company could leverage experts and assets outside its own walls to provide specialized and continuously updated capabilities at a lower price than it could provide itself. The benefits from that leverage, however, often proved elusive.…

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Why all the hype about hyper-converged systems?

Hyper-converged infrastructure and hyper-converged systems (HCS) are hot trends in today’s IT environments. Why does everyone want to get their hands on them?

Hyper-converged infrastructure is a virtual computing infrastructure system that combines data center services in a hardware box.…

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How Data and Analytics Can Guide your Move to the Cloud

The question about cloud migration is not whether to do to it, it’s how to do it. Determining what to move to the cloud requires finding the most appropriate and efficient delivery model for each application. For many enterprises, this will result in a hybrid, multi-cloud approach in which applications and workloads are matched with the right service delivery model depending on how they are used.…

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2016: Is this the Year to “Go Digital?”

When an industrial giant like GE starts to move all your health data into the cloud using their new Predix cloud offering, you sit up and take notice. It’s clear that “digital” has gone well beyond Facebook and Google+.…

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